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About Me

About Me

My name is Bhavika and I have a passion for all things handmade. I was taught to crochet and knit by my Grandma but I never really pursued it until a few years ago. I got back into crochet and knitting in 2014 when I came to London. There is a thriving community of crafters in the UK and the lovely shops selling yarn really inspired me.

Besides knitting and crochet I dabble in jewellery making both wire work and beading. I have tried sewing as well but have not been able to make any decent garments. I do love sewing bags though.

I realised that my desi perspective to knitting is something worth sharing and so I started this blog. I will be designing and putting up patterns with a more Indian slant, hence the name of the blog Desi Makes. I encourage you to explore.

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  1. Hello Desi,
    Like you, I have been crafting since childhood - my Mother was a knitter and a sewist, and could turn her hand to anything. I have loved crocheting for the last 50 years, and knitting for longer. However, you say that you tried sewing and not been able to make decent garments. However, seeing your attention to detail in your crocheting, I think you would love quiltmaking. For good instructions, if only for interest, watch some YouTube demonstrations by Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) and just as good, Jordan Fabrics. Both Jenny Doan (MSQC) and Donna Jordan are excellent teachers, and I think you would be surprised at just how wonderful this hobby could be.
    Keep up the lovely crafting that you do now. Gorgeous.
    Kind regards,
    Val Hayward


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