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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kanha Hat

I wanted to make a pixie style hat for my son and although this is not a very pointed one, it was just a first attempt at me trying it out. I am hoping to redo this hat at some point to get a better shape.

I had some extra chunky cotton yarn which I loved the color and feel of. So I used it to do the actual hat. I added a peacock feather crocheted using DK yarn scraps. It is a long rectangle shape crocheted with end join together to make the cap shape. The straps on this are a little short so I will need to fix that the next time I make this hat.

I did make it in January this year and Dhruv has long outgrown it but I did like the way it turned out so have still kept it. I am assuming I will redo it and resize it to be bigger and make one with another color way for Dhruv to wear it. I will also be creating the pattern for this to upload on my etsy store to be launched in November.

More on that in another post!

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