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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Red Yarn Sneakers

I am still making cute stuff for my baby. These red sneakers are adorable and I got the pattern from one of my crochet for baby books. I wanted to do these so that they almost look like canvas sneakers.
I have made them in the size 3-6 months so not for an absolute newborn. I did this because so far I have made things only for newborn size and babies grow fast I am told. So hopefully my baby can wear these as he grows up a little. The yarn is just red and white DK baby yarn from my stash. I doubt these will be of my practical use. But they are just soooo adorable that I had to make them.

 I still think I might have made the laces too long but I am leaving them alone for now. If I do make more booties, I will probably do small slip in shoes and not the one with laces.
For the sneakers it made sense to keep them like this so I guess it will be all ok.


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