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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Washing my hair with colour hat!

I made this hat a while back as I was craving some colour. The winters in London get very gray and I wanted to make something to cheer me up. I picked up this yarn on a road trip to Torquay. We were just strolling through the town and came upon a lovely yarn store and bought some bright colourful yarn. Just a single 100 gram ball in Aran with these bright hues. It almost looked like a fruit salad to me. Since this is around one year ago I have completely forgotten which yarn store it was and also what the name of the yarn was. If any reader recognizes it, please let me know what it is and I will update the blog post with that information.

I used the pattern from the yarnspiration website which can be found for free here

 What I really love about this pattern is the really snug rib at the forehead. Sometimes with crochet hats, the forehead area gets loose as the crochet stitches do have a tendency to get looser as you wear them more often. Not this one though. Its a great fit and I have found myself reusing just the rib pattern on other hats that I have made with different crown patterns. I did enjoy doing the star stitch in crochet as well which I had not done before. The star stitch does look really fancy and complicated but is actually a very easy stitch to master. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go. I might try
the star stitch for a baby sweater that I want to design in future.

 For now though, it is bright and sunny outside and I am still wearing the hat as there is still a brisk spring wind in the air.


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