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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Strawberry Ice Cream Beret

Confession time. I love berets. If I need to make a new hat my first thought is always to do a beret. Sometimes I talk myself out of it just to force myself to be more adventurous in my yarn adventures. But sometimes the yarn just begs to be made into a beret and thats what happened in this case. One of my husbands' friends at work was relocating and I made this hat as a going away present for her.

This pattern is actually very interesting for me because I used a mandala pattern for the top bit from a crochet motifs book and then just added trebles to increase and shape the beret shape. Then used the band pattern from my "Washing my hair with color" hat and it all came together.
I bought this yarn as part of a big lot from the john lewis sale and it had no label on it. So I am not sure what yarn this is. But its DK and super soft and squishy and looks good enough to eat. This is why I call it the Strawberry Ice Cream Beret.

The hat was well received and my husbands' friend was really happy with it.


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