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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Marigold Nose Ring Cowl

I always love making cowls which are snug to my face as it gets pretty windy here and I suffer from blocked sinuses. For this one I used the lovely Paintbox Aran in Seville Orange(218). I have not done too much of Tunisian Crochet yet but this is a simple Tunisian Ripple Stitch and this project was small enough for me to get the hang of it without getting to confused. There are many tutorials of this online. I actually learnt Tunisian Crochet at a crochet class and this was one of the stitches taught.

Although this cowl is pretty enough just on its own I wanted to make it a little more Desi and personal which is why I wanted to put a nosering on it.Noserings (Nath) are a really cute accessory for Indian brides but are now back in fashion even for everyday wear.

For me this is the perfect accessory as I get to flaunt a nose ring even though I do not have my nose pierced.

The bright marigold color and the gold embroidery makes this my favourite cowl when I want to feel uplifted on a cold morning.

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