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Friday, December 22, 2017

Potli Purse

Potli literally means a small sack and was traditionally used to carry all kinds of things, gold coins, grains and even clothes. In modern times, the potli purse is a great accessory. It is basically a drawstring bag. I made up this pattern as I went along using cotton yarn that I got from a great yarn store in Paris. I love the beautiful sage green, violet and indigo blue combination and this was a quick and easy make.
I used a knitting doll to make the chord using the indigo yarn and it turned out really well.

I have been using this purse a lot since I made it and it seems to be the perfect size to carry a wallet and phone and a few essentials. Since its made of granny stripes, there are holes so I could line it up but I enjoy the look of things peeping through the holes so for now I am going to leave it like it is.
The pattern is pretty simple, started it off as the usual amigurumi spiral increase and when the base was big enough just started granny striping it. After I got the desired length I just did a few rows of decreases by dc2tog and added a scalloped edge to make it look prettier.

The bright colors in this one really cheer me up!

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