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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Indian Amigurumi Series : Malini the Bharatnatyam Dancer

 I have been meaning to get back to amigurumi for a while as I have been busy doing some clothing and accessories for the past few months. I am continuing my Indian Amigurumi Series with this doll inspired by Bharatnatyam dancers. Bharatnatyam is a beautiful Indian dance form and it has really intricate costume and jewellery which perfectly compliments the graceful dance movements.
For people who are not familiar with Bharatnatyam, here is an image from wikipedia on what the costume looks like:


I cannot hope to ever match the details on a real Bharatnatyam costume so this is my interpretation simplifying it considerably. Despite this, there are many separate sections of this pattern and it did take me a long time to get it to look right. I do not think anyone would want to recreate this as it is fairly complicated but I still wanted to write the pattern down for my own record and to keep it as reference for future patterns. I do love how it all turned out.

Crochet Pattern:
DK Yarn Blue Color 50 grams
DK Yarn Green Color 50 grams
DK Yarn Beige Color 50 grams
DK Yarn Orange Color 50 grams
DK Yarn White Color 50 grams
Fingering Weight Yarn Bronze Color 50 grams
Embroidery Thread Red,Black
30 small silver beads for the anklets
Two 4mm Safety Eyes
4mm and 3.25 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn needle and scissors
Sewing needle and white thread
stitch marker

This is a fairly advanced pattern for me and I had some trouble getting the proportions just right. I did this differently because I stuffed and combined the pieces as I went along. This way I could get the look right in an easier way. This was just my personal preference though. If you would like to remake this doll you might need to adjust things a little bit to make things fit just right. Or even make all the pieces separately and then combine it all together at the end.

This pattern is no longer available for free.I am in the process of setting up my etsy store and will be selling it there.
Thank you!





  1. lovely Amigurumi.
    thank you for the pattern and will try it immediately as possible.

  2. It's gorgeous :3
    Thanks for sharing! ❤

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Chami and Aby. Do let me know if you face any problems with the pattern :) I will be uploading more soon!

  4. Adorable pattern, thank you very much!!

  5. Beautiful pattern, but I'm unsure of row 3 of the legs could you please help x

  6. Hi Lorraine, So you need to make two leg pieces and then join them by starting dc on one side and then continue to the other in the round and join the pieces in the middle by two dcs. Does that make sense? hope it helps. Let me know. I will try to re-write that part soon if its too confusing.

    1. I understand that bit, thank you but on the pattern it says row 3-8 dc in each st then it says row 4 .? does each leg have 8 rows then join the 2 together for the body? Thank you x

  7. yes thats it exactly so each leg has 8 rows then join and continue for body from row 4. apologies I wrote it in a confusing way will fix this soon

  8. Hi... This is so cute..
    May I ask, how big will the doll be if we use double crochet like in the pattern?
    If I want to make a smaller version, can I use single crochet instead?
    Thank you... ����

  9. Hi Jesslyn,
    The doll is around 4 inches for making a smaller version you can either go down a crochet size 3mm instead of 4 mm or try sc both should work.
    Let me know how it goes.

  10. Thank you for the pattern
    Do you have any other Indian dance forms as amigurumis~

  11. Thank you for the pattern. I wanted to attach a photo of my creation, but I couldn’t. Thanks again. My doll turned lovely.

  12. Very lovely pattern... I am pretty new to this... where do u purchase the thread used?

  13. Wow so pretty! Wish I could knit this instead of crocheting. I am better at knitting

    1. Hello Where I can to find the pattern, please?

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  15. Such a cute doll! Omg! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us. I'll make this doll immediately and gift it to my mom :D

    1. Hola! Todavía tienes el patrón? Yo no lo encuentro :(

  16. lovely designs - do sell these dolls?

  17. This is a lovely Design. However i could not avail this pattern from craftsy as it has shut down. Where can i get the pattern


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