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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pug ghungroo! Crochet Coin Purse Free Pattern

I love puns! My husband actually gave me the idea for this one. "Pag ghungroo bandh" is a very popular Bollywood song. It just naturally lent itself to an amigurumi project with a pug wearing bells! I wanted to give it a further twist so I made a coin purse instead!

I used yarn from my stash for this one. The brown one is actually camel yarn that I got from Spittafield Market from a lovely lady who sells some unique yarn. The black one is sparkly black yarn I had left over in my stash. This project is made with Aran weight so it a quick one.

I did line it with some fabric  and added a small handle and a snap fastener.

There are a couple of things that I liked about this project, firstly, the eyes were glass ones that I got from Amazing Craft from their stall at the Ally Pally Craft Fair and I just love the glints on it. It makes the pug look really lively and cute. Also, the bells make a lovely jingle when I carry it around so it makes me happy whenever I use it. The hand strap was a really useful addition and I just wear it like a bangle and this makes it really convenient to carry it around. 

Free Pattern Pug Coin Purse

Aran yarn Brown Color 50 grams
Aran yarn Black Color 50 grams
5mm Crochet Hook
a pair of amigurumi Eyes
a plastic bear nose
6 bells to attach at the collar
Yarn needle/scissors
stitch marker
For lining: small scrap of fabric,thread and needle,fastener, can use sewing machine to sew the lining but can be hand stitched as well

Abbreviation: (UK Notation)
dc=double crochet
hdc=half double crochet
sl st=slip stitch

The pattern is crocheted in a spiral, so its good to use a stitch marker at the beginning of each round to keep track of rounds and stitches. We will need to make two pieces for the head, attach the nose to the front side

Head(make two)
Make a magic circle and 6 dc in the circle.
Row 1:    2 dc in each stitch around (12 sts )
Row 2:    (dc,dc,2dc) repeat 4 times (16 sts )
Row 3:    (dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 4 times (20 sts )
Row 4:    (dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 5 times (25 sts )
Row 5:    (dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 5 times (30 sts )
Row 6:    (dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 5 times (35 sts )
Row 7:    (dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 5 times (40 sts )
Row 8:    (dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 5 times (45 sts )

Make a magic circle and 6 dc in the circle.
Row 1:    2 dc in each stitch around (12 sts )
Row 2: hdc,hdc,hdc,hdc,tr,tr,tr,tr,hdc,hdc,hdc,hdc (12 sts )
Row 3:(dc,dc,2dc) repeat 4 times (16 sts )
Row 4:    (dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 4 times (20 sts )
Row 5:    (dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc) repeat 4 times (24 sts )

Ear: (make two,for each of them, fold it and sew it shut resulting in a triangle shape)
Row 1: 1 ch
Row 2: 2dc in chain, turn. (2sts) 
Row 3: 2dc in each of the 2 sts, turn (4 sts)
Row 4: 2dc,dc,dc,2dc, turn (6sts)
Row 5-7:dc in each st,turn  (6sts)
Row 8:dc2tog,dc,dc,dc2tog (4sts)
Row 9:dc2tog,dc2tog (2sts)
Row 10:dc2tog (1 st)

Fold in half and sew  all around,making  a triangle.

To make up, position the nose piece on one of the head pieces, and sew it in place, sew the plastic nose on top and attach the teddy bear eyes. Sew the ears in place as well. I attached both the head pieces together and made the lining separately and attached it into the purse later, but I think in hindsight it might have been easier to make the lining sew it to the head pieces and then sew the head pieces together. Either way, it should not be tricky to line it.



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